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yichenlong custom not only luggage, but quality

Functional and practical

Functional and practical

Meticulous to every place of storage,the specifications of sophisticated,giving a simple and convenient soul of the

Material environmental protection

Material environmental protection

Bags of environmentally friendly materials,manufacturing materials have passed the international Rohs environmental certification

Stylish design

Stylish design

Has many years of independent research and design experience of the team,the product stylish,colorful "color"

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

All products have passed the safety test - structural strength test,drop test,walk test

Yichenlong LuggageEscort escort for your journey

Unique customization / Quality space / Satisfy your respect

Focus onhigh-end luggage custom industry for many years, expert-style services

Since its establishment, the company has focused on the production of ABS, ABS alloy materials, ABS / PC film, pure PC and magnesium alloy trolley case Company is located in the beautiful luggage Pinghu Zhongkuang Industrial Park, adjacent to Shanghai, convenient transportation and very advantageous geographical location

Equipped withadvanced production lines, the product has become the industry card

Currently equipped with six advanced domestic production lines, from the plastic suction plate to the finished product packaging through-train service Our production and sales of aluminum-magnesium alloy Trolley Case, the industry has become a business card

Qualityproducts customized and after-sales, to provide one-stop solution

Professional service system, 100% customer satisfaction rate The Yangtze River Delta as the center, the national network of radiation sales system According to customer needs, provide one-on-one product customization and applications


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Jiaxing Yichenlong Luggage Co.,Ltd.Located in the beautiful luggage town of Pinghu Zhongli Industrial Park, adjacent to Shanghai and Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed road junction, convenient exit, the geographical position is extremely advantageous. Since its inception, the company has focused on the production of ABS, ABS alloy material, ABS / PC film, pure PC and magnesium alloy trolley case. Currently equipped with six... Look more>>

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Students choose what kind of trolley suit

Students choose what kind of trolley suit
Students choose what kind of trolley suit? Trolley is an essential companion to college students, college students choose what kind of trolley suit? If you are buying trolley case online, it is best to choose a business with quality assurance, the only su
How to choose the right size for your PC Trolley Case
Take a trip, I believe that some have not taken the plane's parents do not know how big the size of the PC trolley before boarding? Or buy a suitcase to tangle to buy much suitcases, so Xiaobian today to introduce Under PC trolley case various sizes of u
What to do if the newly purchased trolley case has an unpleasant smell?
We all know that no matter whether it is to buy clothes or bags are inevitable smell, this smell is caused in the production process, PC Trolley Case produced are sealed package. Because of the long time of sealing, so the smell of the original production
Trolley box selection should pay attention to what issues
1. PC trolley bags easy to damage in the use of the rod, go round and handle, the purchase should focus on checking these parts. Consumers can choose to pull the bar without bending over the length of the selection criteria to repeatedly retract the rod d
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