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What to do if the newly purchased trolley case has an unpleasant smell?

Release time:2017-10-27

We all know that no matter whether it is to buy clothes or bags are inevitable smell, this smell is caused in the production process, PC Trolley Case produced are sealed package. Because of the long time of sealing, so the smell of the original production can not be dispersed for a long time. The smell of the box body will have a certain impact. Clothing on the suitcase, if the PC Trolley Case smell, we wear the clothing with peculiar smell. This will be very bad for our body. Is there any way to remove the smell of PC trolley case?

Method One, open the package, we first put in a ventilated place, open the sun for some time, it is recommended that you give more air.

Method two, without PC trolley case can put charcoal in the box, green tea can smell, lemon grass, rosemary, etc. can be.

Method three, you can put a big bowl in the box or a small basin, with hot water inside, and then pulled the box, and so on a few hours, and so on water-cooled, wipe it with a warm towel inside, Add sachet will be much better. However, the general smell will automatically weaken after using it several times.

For PC trolley luggage fabrics, in daily life, pay attention to care. For leather bags, after being wet with rain, use a soft cloth to wipe, and then placed in a cool place to dry. Can not use gasoline, banana water and other solvents to carry out cleaning, but should use a special leather cleaner to clean, so as to avoid damage to the leather, to prevent the skin fade.

For nylon, fiber made of chemical fiber bags, you can use a soft brush to remove dust, if it is stubborn stains, you can use a brush with a diluted neutral detergent to wipe, remember not to package Water.

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