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How to maintain the trolley case

Release time:2017-10-27

Travel, Trolley is an essential item, many of my friends in the Trolley box used in a short time there are many problems, they will complain about the poor quality Trolley, in fact, is not the quality of the Trolley caused by poor quality , If you do not know how to maintain the trolley case is also a major cause of damage.

So we have to know how to maintain the trolley case; let our beloved trolley case last longer.

1, when using the trolley case to prevent high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, and high pressure environment will make your trolley box deformation.

2, to avoid such sharp items such as knives scratch, and then the hard trolley is not able to contend with the knife!

3, you can use cold water in the cleaning, but please do not iron, it will scald the epidermis.

4, the use of trolley to avoid a long time in a humid environment, it will make the trunk lose the original toughness.

5, trolley case often use rags for metal parts cleaning, so that it can effectively prevent discoloration.

6, try not to let the trolley case walking on some uneven road, so the loss of your trolley wheel is quite large.

7, when pulling your trolley case should pay attention to a slight force, not too big, so that more fluid.

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