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How to save suitcases space?

Release time:2017-10-27

Luggage loading also talk about the doorway, the same size suitcases, different people to accommodate, the capacity is completely different.

Disposing clothes messily not only wastes the space, but also makes you anxious when searching for something. At this time do not complain about the suitcase is not big enough, those who were wasted space is what you ignore.

Small way to save space on suitcases:

Will be tightly rolled into the cylindrical clothes, piled together spare. Then put in the bottom of the suitcase shoes and rolled trousers and other heaviest items. After the volume will be good, light weight code on the second floor. The lightest clothes roll on the third floor. Finally, the cosmetics and handbags on the top, slightly adjust the position, you can shut the box. Also noteworthy is that wallets and documents should be packed in waterproof bags, and to carry, so as not to lose. All power cord, USB cable, data cable should be stored together, and the electrical plug should be as close as possible. Digital equipment must be powered off. Then use a thick shock-proof protective cover to install it.

Suitcase storage tips:

Cylindrical storage method

The knitted clothing rolled into a cylindrical storage, so not only not easy to wrinkle, but also save more space.

Put socks in shoes

Socks rolled into the best cylinder into the shoe, so that space-saving at the same time, but also to prevent the shoes are squeezed deformation.

Skin care products and liquid isolation method

Skin care products and liquids must be isolated from other clothing, and try to choose vial storage, into the waterproof wash bag.

Light on heavy

Shoes, books and other such heavier items as far as possible under the suitcase, the light wrinkle clothing on the top, and then strapping, so that when the suitcase is in an upright position, the contents of the inside will not be pressure .

Tie fixed

After finishing the baggage, before closing the lid, be sure to use the strap of the box fixed to avoid the luggage in the transport of goods scattered in the process of extrusion.

Light folding bag

Whenever possible, try to put a nylon folding travel bag in the suitcase, which can solve the unforeseen journey in your journey without occupying too much space.

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