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Know the trolley case

Release time:2017-10-27

Trolley refers to the trunk with trolley and wheel. Because of its ease of use, carrying clothes and so become a travel, go out and widely used.

At the same time, the trolley box also set a lever, a single lever and double rod rod points, rod tube also has a square tube and pipe points, to facilitate towing while walking, greatly reducing the burden.

Trolley can be hand-held can also be dragged, we usually use the trolley wheels are basically at the bottom of the box, and modern people have designed a new form of trolley case, the box design into a cylinder shape, the wheels are The whole outsourcing in the box outside, this drum design makes this suitcase can better adapt to different terrain, such as direct pull the box can easily go up and down the stairs.

Mainly in 2012, cloth boxes, ABS hard case, luggage, PC, etc. as the main material, and will be divided into the use of directional wheel, caster and the latest removable universal wheel trolley three categories.

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