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Remove hard shell PC Trolley Case scratch coup

Release time:2017-10-27

The first method is to fundamentally solve the problem. We use the preparation of the amount of facial tissue and essential oil, with a facial mask to take the right amount of wind oil scrub hard case PC trolley case scratches, the method is simple and more effective, but to adapt to the "small wound" hard case trolley case scratches.

The second method is to solve in disguise. "Big wound" to surgery, but not the hard shell, that is, not beautiful. In fact, we can buy beautiful, lovely stickers affixed to the scratches at the hard shell PC Trolley Case decoration, for a change of style is also a creative, both can cover scratches and can play a decorative role.

Protection of the trolley case:

1. "Put on" Trolley Case - Trolley Case Dust Cover. This is essential for check-in and is also boxed clothes. It is also dust-proof when you put it on when you do not have it.

2. Do not tear PC trolley case film. We bought all the things we want to demolish the packaging, so always think the trolley film is wrapping paper, in fact, it is the manufacturer in order to prevent scratches the trolley case to use the protection, so try not to tear the PC trolley case film.

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