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How to choose a good quality trolley case?

Release time:2017-10-27

PC Trolley Case has become more and more popular travel tools, whether it is travel, travel, study abroad, study abroad, almost all inseparable from the PC Trolley Case. The choice of trolley when buying, in addition to design details, the choice of materials also need special care. So what is the use of PC trolley case? If you travel abroad, go to school, it is recommended to use the light weight of assets, can accommodate a lot of things, and secondly optimistic, as luggage is easy to identify.

Listed below are three selection criteria Trolley Case and optional Trolley Case for your reference.

1. Standard - Lever After determining the size of the trolley case, we are most concerned about the quality of the trolley case. Look at the quality of clearance, there are three main aspects: rod, wheels, luggage fabric selected material. When selecting the trolley case, look at the trolley fixed on the PC trolley case is firm, pull up and down the pull rod is smooth. If it is a lever with a button, but also depends on the button after the press can quickly bounce. Again, look at the material of the lever, belongs to the whole iron, or aluminum outside the iron, or aluminum. Of course, the best material is made of aluminum, the material is relatively light, strong, not easy to deform, the cost is relatively high, using this rod bags are generally not cheap, so high-end luggage with more; followed by iron Aluminum, that is, the outer tube is iron, the inner tube is aluminum. Commonly used in high-end luggage; As for the whole iron, the price is relatively low, commonly used in more affordable low-grade luggage. It is very important to grasp this point.

2. Standard two - the wheel first to see if it is solid, left and right wheels for shaking. Then took the box a few steps to take a look at whether the bottom wheel is flexible, steering ability is not strong, with or without noise, the wheel is very good or bad, you should choose multiple rows of wheels and rubber wheels, the aircraft rude handling, it is easy Damage the wheels. Also, look at the wheel surface is shiny. Generally shiny are made of raw materials, and the wheel surface is not shiny, and some rough is made of recycled materials, such a wheel in the quality of some less above.

3. The third standard - fabric Currently on the market are commonly used trolley case ABS, PC, thermoplastic composites. ABS bags of material through the touch of a molding, looks more solid, not deformed. Drawbacks are: the material is relatively hard, the other is heavier; and PC material trolley case, the material is relatively soft, weather resistance is good; composite bags are made of fabric + EVA compound made by hundreds of procedures in the sewing Made out Overall, relatively light. More powerful, more choice of varieties, with several colors can be used together.

First look at the data

In the same volume under the premise of the weight of the empty box, the lighter the better, while the label can bear the weight of the higher the better. For example, a 24-inch trolley case weighs 5 kg and weighs 120 kg while the other 26-inch box weighs only 4.5 kg and has a capacity of 180 kg. The latter 26-inch box design work even better. This is a very intuitive way to buy.

Second look at the details

Buy Samsonite, diplomats, Ai Hershe and other brand names, its quality and after-sales service support system, is naturally so that every consumer are particularly reassured. But if you want to buy a less familiar brand of luggage, as long as the following elements are not flawed, then the basic quality of this package is guaranteed. Whether the box is the choice of textiles or leather products, pins should be fine, strong adhesion, textiles may not have a wire, crack phenomenon. Open the box, check the box mouth to be able to match each other, the gap to be small, to be sewn, hinge flexible, no jam, buckle together, buckle, play open, the handle installed securely, can not be loose . Lever should be retractable, there is a certain degree of strength, pressure, pull the lever lock button should be able to follow the local telescopic rod, if the automatic retractable back naturally better. Wheels should be flexible, the best choice with a bearing Vientiane.

Third look at the appearance

The most basic way to buy is to look at the appearance, first check the appearance of the box is Zhouzheng, box angle is symmetrical, the PC trolley case can be erected or inverted on the ground, check whether the box is four feet on the ground, not skew, the surface of the box To touch, check the box is flat, with or without scratches, cracks, with particular attention to the box (above, below) the four corners to be symmetrical. Excellent PC or ABS + PC box material, it is very soft, squeeze it by hand will quickly restore the status quo. If you like online shopping, you can not touch the box, the pictures of the goods to carefully browse, there is more to see the consumer comments, these are important references.

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